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Registrar API Setup

You can import all your domains registered at select registrars into Domain Punch Pro or Watch My Domains with a single click. You can also obtain the domain details using the API instead of using whois.

Currently ResellerClub, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Internet.bs and Dynadot are supported. You will require Watch My Domains v5, Domain Punch Pro v4 or Watch My Domains ISP v6.

Native Support OR Through Web Server Script

You can use the registrar APIs directly from Domain Punch Pro / Watch My Domains or use a script running on a remote web server. Native API support may not always work for you because many registrars require white-listed IP addresses when connecting to their API server. This could be a problem if your ISP provides you a dynamic IP address. In such cases you can consider using the remote Proxy URL option (see below) from Code Punch Solutions and white list the IP address of your web server.

Configure Native Support for Registrar API

The App Settings has options to specify the different API keys. These will vary from registrar to registrar.

Registrar API Setup

You can obtain the API keys by logging into your registrar/reseller accounts.

The API keys are encrypted and stored in the Windows registry. Please see the following article for information on clearing this data.

Clear Settings in Windows Registry

Using Remote Proxy URL

This method allows you to access the registrar data without directly providing API keys to the software. This is achieved by installing an open-source script on your server and using it as a proxy. The script is available at the link below.

API Scripts | CodePunch

You can use the whois api client script from CodePunch Solutions to import and lookup domains names. This is also useful in cases where your IP address changes often. Download and install the whois api client script on your web server and white-list your web server IP address at the registrar. Then specify the URL to the web client as shown in the screen-shot below. Include any required authentication parameter (&k=xxxx or ?k=xxxx) as part of the URL.

Registrar API Client URL

Importing Domains using Registrar API

You can import the domain names in your user profile directly from the supported registrars using the 'Import from Registrars' option.

Import Domain Names from Registrar