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Domain Registration Cost Estimator for Watch My Domains ISP

This is a brand new feature available in Watch My Domains ISP from March 17, 2009. The cost estimation and display options are available only in the Calendar View.

Setup Registration Costs at Different Registrars

You can add registrars and specify the registration costs for each TLD or ccTLD.

Identification string

The Identification string allows you to specify a text that will identify the registrar in whois records. You can enter multiple strings (each new entry in a different line).

If the Identification string is left blank, the name of registrar will be taken as the identification string.

Default Settings

The entry called DEFAULT, in the registrar list, is used to specify a default pricing. This is used if the registrar was not identified or if the domain has not been looked up.

If no pricing information is setup, the cost estimator uses $10 as the default price.

TLDs / ccTLDs

The TLDs and ccTLDs that appear in the list are defined from the Add Domains - Edit TLDs button in Domain Manager ribbon tab.