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Domain Name Monitoring Software for macOS and Windows

These knowledge base articles are for the new editions of desktop software common to macOS and Windows. For earlier edition user guides, please go here.

Supported Products

Currently these articles are valid for

  • Watch My Domains Pro v6 (beta)

Supports Windows 10 and macOS

The new desktop editions for Domain Name Monitoring and Management support both Windows 10 and macOS desktops.

Seperate downloads are available for macOS, Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit operating systems. Currently Rosetta-2 is required for macOS on M1 systems, we will release a separate download for M1 systems soon.

The macOS and Windows editions share a very similar interface. This user guide mostly uses Windows edition screen shots. This shouldn't be a problem because the interface elements are almost exactly the same in both editions.

Single Purchase for macOS and Windows

The registration code for Watch My Domains Pro v6 will work for both Windows and macOS. There is no need to purchase separate licenses for both. A second purchase is required if the software is going to be used simultaneosuly on two systems.

You may also obtain a site license if you wish to use the software on mutiple computers at a single physical location belonging to the same person or organization.


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