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Unable to Redo Whois Lookups?

Lookup Interval

The software will not redo lookups on domains that have been recently checked. This is done to limit the number of whois queries from your system and to protect you from whois bans.

You can adjust the time interval before a domain can be looked up again from the "App Settings" dialog. Set this interval to zero if you want to remove this limit.

Please see the screen shot below.

Whois Refresh Interval Settings

Write Protected Domains

You will not be able to do lookups on domains if you have set the write-protect flag on them. You can set the write-protect manually or automatically. The automatic setting will happen if you edit any of the domain data by hand (you can change this behavior from the "App Settings" dialog).

Write protected domains will have a small lock icon next to them.

Right click on any domain or group of domains and select Unset Write protect Flag to remove the protection.

Write-Protected Domains