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Email Alerts on Domain Record Change

Some of the domain name management software support an email alert when the status of a domain name record is changed. You can use this to create records of changes you made to the domain. Please note that the alert email is generated only after a whois lookups has been performed.

Email alerts are available in Watch My Domains ISP and Domain Punch Professional and may be configured from the Config > Domain Alerts ribbon option. Make sure that your email settings are indeed working by making use of the Send a Test Email button.

You may also want to enable the automatic domain whois lookups (Auto Lookups > Domain Whois option in the 'Domain Alerts' dialog). However please be aware of the whois lookup restrictions. In most cases it is enough if you do a manual lookup at regular intervals.

domain email alerts

You can also view the entire domain data history from the View > Domain Log ribbon menu.

Sample Alert Email

Here is a sample alert email message. As you can see, the date and time of domain lookup, the data that was changed and the old plus the new entry are all included in the alert message.

Domain: searchenginelab.com, Lookup: 28-Jan-04 11:56:37 AM<
Registrar Expiry Date Different (Old:07-Feb-04 New:07-Feb-05)
Last Updated Date Different (Old:23-Dec-03 New:28-Jan-04)

Domain: codepunch.com, Lookup: 28-Jan-04 11:56:47 AM
Last Updated Date Different (Old:23-Jan-04 New:26-Jan-04)
NS2 Different (Old:DNS2.SOFTNIK.NET New:NS0000.NS0.COM)

Domain: itoolpad.com, Lookup: 28-Jan-04 11:56:49 AM
Registrar Expiry Date Different (Old:31-Jan-04 New:31-Jan-05)
Last Updated Date Different (Old:23-Dec-03 New:28-Jan-04)

Domain: seolab.com, Lookup: 28-Jan-04 11:57:01 AM
Registrar Expiry Date Different (Old:07-Feb-04 New:07-Feb-05)
Last Updated Date Different (Old:23-Dec-03 New:28-Jan-04)

Emails to Gmail

If you are trying to use the email alerts option and have a hard time getting your emails to Gmail work, you may have enabled the 2-step verification at Google.

The following settings will normally work for Gmail. If you have enabled 2-step verification at Google, please make sure that you generate a password from here and then use that password. Your normal web password will not work.

GMail settings for domain email alerts