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Software License Terms & Conditions

Most of our software products include a license/registration key that will be supplied through email after a successful purchase. In no case may this license key be distributed to a third party. The licensee is responsible for storing the license keys and files supplied by the licensor in a safe place. The licensor (Softnik Technologies) is not responsible for lost license keys or files.

Single User Licenses

Single user licenses are valid for one person and can be installed on more than one computer belonging to the same person. However, only one copy of the software should be in use at any time.

Site Licenses

Site Licenses allow you to install the software on any number of computers belonging to a company or organization at a single physical location. Multiple site licenses are required if you have offices at different physical locations.

You may upgrade from single user to site license at any time by paying the difference in price.

Upgrade Policy

The upgrade policy applies to all paid software products.

Unless otherwise stated, minor updates are free. For example, if you purchased version 4.0 you are entitled to minor version updates like 4.01, 4.1, 4.2, and so on at no extra cost.

Major version updates (eg: from version 4.0 to version 5.0) are free if you are within the free upgrade eligibility period. The free upgrade eligibility will vary depending on the product but is typically 6 or 12 months within your previous qualifying purchase.

All free major version upgrades will have to be claimed within 90 days of the new product release. We reserve the right to refuse free upgrade requests after 90 days of the major version release.

If your free upgrade period has expired you will be able to purchase an upgrade at a substantial discount.

Licenses That Include Source Code

In some cases you may purchase licenses which include the source code of the Software. Depending on the product, the source code contains the non-minimized original C, C++, Objective C, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and or CSS files of the Software. The source code of the Software is an important intellectual property of Softnik. Purchasing a license with source code does not constitute transfer of any exclusive IP rights or legal ownership to the Software or its source code. You may use the source code of the Software according to the following conditions: - You may examine, debug and introduce modifications to the Software and its source code in order to provide better integration with your web sites, applications or other products. You are not allowed to distribute, share, disclose or otherwise make available any portion of the original or modified Software source code to third parties. You agree not to use the Software and/or its source code to plan, design or develop products, libraries or other derivative products that resemble or compete with the Software.

Third Party Software

Some applications may contain several third party libraries ("Third Party Software") which are made available under different license conditions. These libraries are stored in separate folders and includes the original license terms of the third-party software.

Life time free upgrades

Some product offers may include free lifetime upgrades. The term lifetime refers to the life of the product and you will receive all minor and major version upgrades of the same product. You will need to claim your free upgrade within 3 months of any major version release.

Special Upgrade Offers

From time to time we offer special upgrades to customers who purchased an older software or the lower version of an existing product. These are complimentary upgrades and are not recorded. It is the responsibility of the customer to backup any registration codes and software products provided as part of the offer. We will not be able to resend the upgrade registration codes or software links if they are misplaced. This policy will be strictly enforced because we only keep the original purchase records and not the complimentary upgrade records.

Trial / Evaluation Versions

Softnik provides free trial versions of the Software. The trial versions are fully functional. You are allowed to download and use the trial versions only for evaluation purposes and for a limited time (normally 30 days). The trial version should not be used for any purpose other than evaluation. You may contact us to extend the trial beyond 30 days.

Cancellation & Refunds

We allow fully functional trial evaluations of all our software products before a purchase is made and because of this reason we are unable to process refunds after a fully valid non-trial license code is supplied to you. We encourage you to completely test and make sure that the software meets all your requirement before you make any payment. You can also contact us to extend your trial licenses beyond the normal 30 days.

Subscriptions that include a monthly or annual payment may be cancelled at any time and your account access will then terminate at the end of that billing period. You may cancel the subscriptions using the link provided in your payment receipts and / or subscription data emails. You may also contact us to cancel the subscription.


You are not allowed to use any portion of the Software in any products that compete with the Software. You are not allowed to use the Software in any products or solutions offering domain portfolio management to end users, developers and third parties without express written permission by Softnik.

Limited Warranty

Our software products and applications are subject to a limited warranty. Softnik warrants to Licensee that the Software will perform according to it's published documentation and to the best of Softnik's knowledge the Licensee's use of this Software is not an infringement of any third party's intellectual property rights. To the extent permitted by law, THE ABOVE-STATED LIMITED WARRANTY REPLACES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND SOFTNIK DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY, NONINFRINGEMENT, OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. No agent of Softnik is authorized to make any other warranties or to modify this limited warranty. Any action for breach of this limited warranty must be commenced within one year of the expiration of the warranty. Because some jurisdictions do not allow any limit on the length of an implied warranty, the above limitation may not apply to this Licensee. If the law does not allow disclaimer of implied warranties, then any implied warranty is limited to 30 days after delivery of the Software to Licensee. Licensee has specific legal rights pursuant to this warranty and, depending on Licensee's jurisdiction, may have additional rights.