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Unable to check your UK domains?

Nominet has a new whois usage policy effective from December 13 2005. If you find that you are unable to check the status of your UK domains the reason could be this.

For Nominet Whois, the maximum query rate is 5 queries per second with a maximum of 1,000 queries per rolling 24 hours. So please make sure that you don't exceed these limits. You can adjust the connection interval for whois.nic.uk to 90 seconds so that you don't do more than 1000 lookups in 24 hours.

Domain Name Analyzer Pro and Nominet DAC

You can use Domain Name Analyzer Pro with Nominet DAC availability checker. Just select a group of domains, right click and then select "DAC Lookup (UK Domains)". Please see the screen-shot below.

Remember to get your IP address registered with Nominet before you use this feature. You have to be a Registrar and a Nominet member. For more details, please visit UK Domain Availability Checker and DAC usage instructions.

DAC Lookup in Domain Name Analyzer pro