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Alert Icon Display Within Domain Data Table

The newer versions of Domain Punch Pro, Watch My Domains, etc. display small icons in the first column (#). These icons indicate various alert conditions

Domain Data Table Alert Icons

Here are the icons that are usually displayed (along with explanations)

  • Domain is nearing the registry expiry date or is past the date. You can change the number of days before this icon appears from the 'App Settings' dialog.
  • The domain has one or more of the following status codes: autorenewperiod, redemptionperiod, pendingdelete, serverhold, pendingtransfer, renewperiod. You can use the "App Settings" dialog to change the status codes for which the alerts will occur. Please note that this alert condition may exist for some days even after a domain has been successfully renewed.
  • Domain is nearing the registrar expiry date or is past the date. This alert icon will appear only if registrar expiry date highlighting is enabled in "App Settings" and either of the two alert conditions listed above are not in effect. For an explanation of the differences between the two expiry dates please see this KB article.
  • Domain is probably available for registration.
  • Domain has not been looked up within the last 6 months.
  • Domain data is write-protected. This means that the domain will not be looked up till the write protect is removed. You can do this by right clicking on the domain and selecting the appropriate option.
  • Domain data has been manually edited.
  • Domain data has been manually edited and write protected. (the 'write-protected' icon can appear along with any of the other icons, as in this case)