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Applications to Manage Your Domain Name Portfolio. Software Solutions for Windows, Linux (+Wine) & Mac Desktop or Cloud / Web.

Domain Name Management

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Watch My Domains Mac

Mac Desktop

For Windows

Watch My Domains for Windows

Win Desktop

Linux / Mac / Win

Watch My Domains for Web Servers

Cloud / Web Servers

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  • Risk free 30 day trials. A credit card is not required for downloading trials
  • Advanced Domain Name Portfolio Management
  • Supports IDN (International Domain Names) like 在线, コム
  • Supports New gTLDs like .Club & .Online
  • Support For Registrar APIs wherever available
  • Monitor Domain and SSL Expiry Dates, MX Records, Name Servers and More

Why not use a spreadsheet?

A Spreadsheet can never match the benefits of using a dedicated domain portfolio management application. Our applications can automatically retrieve all relevant domain related data (like expiry, created and last updated dates, name servers, domain "A" records, associated MX records, SSL certificate expiry dates), generate alerts and more.

Watch My Domains Pro for Windows

Watch My Domains Pro

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Watch My Domains Pro is an Entry Level Windows software for managing less than 5000 domains per project.

Watch My Domains SED for Cloud Servers

Watch My Domains SED

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Advanced somain management application for Web Servers (Linux/Mac/Win) with Database Storage. Supports huge domain lists

Domain Punch Professional

Domain Punch Pro

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Advanced Windows software for managing 5000 domains or less per project. The most popular domain management solution for Windows

Watch My Domains Mac

Watch My Domains Mac

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For Mac OS X. Uses SQLite for data storage and has features similar to Domain Punch Pro

Watch My Domains ISP

Watch My Domains ISP

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Advanced Windows software with database storage (MS Jet or MS SQL Server) and support for huge domain lists

Domain Name Filter Pro

Domain Name Filter Pro

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Import, Filter, Clean and Process Large Domain (Drop) Lists, Split Domain Names into keywords, Sort Domain Names Based on Word Counts and More.

Database Support with Advanced SQL Queries

Depending on the product and OS you can choose between flat, MS Jet (Access), MS SQL, SQLite (on Mac) or MySQL database for data storage.

You can use advanced search queries to control display and lookup of domain names in products that use a database for data storage.

Calendar View

Watch My Domains ISP includes a domain calendar that allows you to view the domains in your portfolio within an on-screen calendar. The domains are displayed based on their expiry dates.

Domain Name Statistical Tools

Domain Statistics

Domain / gTLD Statistical Tools

How many COM or Net domains were added to zone yesterday? Which domains were deleted from Zone? Online interactive tools that are updated daily.

Domain Name Management Software

Domain Name Management

Domain Name Management Tools

Manage your domain names using a range of domain portfolio management software products, available for desktops & web servers.

Domain Name Search and Filtering Software

Domain Name Research

Domain Name Search & Filtering

Find Good Domain Names. All the domain name filtering and domain name search software products have moved to Brainstorm.Domains

Domain Management

Integrating Estibot Data into Watch My Domains SED

Watch My Domains SED includes a script for integrating the various Estibot data (Appraised Value, Category, Average CPC, etc) into the domain data table.

Domain Management

Integrating MOZ Data into Watch My Domains SED

Watch My Domains SED also supports integrating data from MOZ (Appraised Value, Category, Average CPC, etc) into the domain data table.

Domain Names

Domain Name Generators

Explains methods of generating domain names from keywords and character templates.

As an example, want a list of all possible 9 character .link domains that end with the word expert?

The article also provides a simple method for manually creating pronounceable words (for use as new branded domain names).

A Textual Logo and Graphical Banner Design Software for Domainers

Do you have a large number of domain names and want to quickly create logos for many of them?

Domain Logo Designer (free and Professional Edition) is a powerful Windows software for quickly creating textual graphics. You can use it to create logos, textual designs, attractive headlines that grab attention, graphical banners and more. There is no expertise required. All you need to do is type in the text and pick a few options.

Domain Logo Designer is not a substitute for Photoshop or GIMP, but is very handy when you need to quickly create logos for your own use or for your clients. The logo on the right was created using Domain Logo Designer Pro in a few minutes.