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How to check for software updates

You can quickly check if an update is available by clicking on the build date displayed at the lower left corner of most of the software windows. This will open your default web browser and take you to the web page that lists the current version and build date for the software.

All the current versions of our software products are also listed here. You can click on any of the products to see the individual change-log for that software.

Checking for updates (Windows)

Checking for updates (Mac)

The server edition of Watch My Domains displays the build date in the about pane. You can check the version info here.

Checking for updates (Server Edition)

To update any software other than Watch My Domains ISP, simply download the latest trial version from our site and install on top of your existing installation.

If you are using Watch My Domains ISP, you will need to download the full version. You can do this by clicking on the red/blue box button at the top right corner of the software window.