A Service of Softnik Technologies

Domain Expiry Date Monitoring

Server Edition

The server edition supports daily / weekly / monthly email alerts in addition to on-screen monitoring.

Server Editions

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Summary Reports

You can enable automatic summary reports that are automatically emailed on a daily / weekly / monthly basis (or at any interval you want). The reports can include expiry dates and any other information. These are also fully configurable.

Expiry Dates in Server Edition

We also provide a number of sample report scripts so that you can configure and change the contents and format of the report (if you want to)

Non Periodic Alerts

The desktop versions (only Windows versions) do support email alerts for events that are not periodic. For example, it can send an email alert if the website for a domain fails to respond.

Why No Expiry Alerts through Email for Desktop Versions?

The desktop edition is designed so that you can run the software at periodic intervals, say once a week or once a month, and check the domains that need to be renewed.

The desktop computers are not always on and emails will not be generated if you fail to run the application or if the computer is not switched on. When you run the application you can anyway see the domains that are expiring.