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Add Support for Common 2nd Level Domains (EU.COM, UK.COM)

Please see whois lookup configuration for screen shots and additional information.

CentralNic.Com offers registrations for domain names like xxx.uk.com, xxx.eu.com etc. These are second level domains that are appealing to many. You can configure Watch My Domains, Domain Punch Professional, etc. to support these domains.

The following example shows how to add support for EU.COM. For other second level domains like US.COM, GB.COM, UK.COM, etc. simply repeat the procedure.

  • Click the "Config" tab > "Whois Config" ribbon button.
  • Locate "EU.COM" in the list of TLDs and click on it. If you are unable to locate "EU.COM", you can add it to the list using the "Add" button after typing EU.COM into the appropriate box.
  • Click on "EU.COM" in the list and highlight it.

Specify the following settings

Whois Server: whois.centralnic.net
Query Prefix:
Port: 43
Search Token: No match for
Status Token: Status:

(The query prefix entry should be blank)