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Problems when extracting Expiry Dates

The discussion in this article refers to extraction of domain expiry dates from the whois data. This has nothing to do with the date display format within the software. The software will display dates based on the regional settings of your Windows installation. To change this use the "Windows control panel > regional settings".

Different registrars use different formats for expiry dates, last updated dates, etc. Domain Punch Professional is capable of finding the correct format automatically. However in certain cases the software will not be successful.

For example, if it encounters a date like 08-11-2006, there is no way to know which is the date and which is the month. In such cases Domain Punch will not extract the date. But it is capable of learning the format as it encounters more domain name records from the same registrar. For example, if it notices another domain name record with the date 03-31-2005, it will know that the registrar uses mm-dd-yyyy format. From then on, the software will extract the dates for that registrar without any problems.

Here are some important KB articles on expiry dates.

Registrar / Registry Expiry Dates

Whois Server Configuration

If the expiry date/creation date is inaccurate or is missing...

We have tried to make the software support as many whois servers as possible.  In some cases we may not have considered a particular whois server or the output format may have changed.  Simply contact us with the domain names that do not work.  In most cases we will be able to suggest a simple configuration change that will solve the problem. If this is not possible, we will fix it as soon as we can.

In some cases, the expiry date may not be present at all in the port 43 whois data record supplied by the registry / registrar. In such cases there is no other option other than manually entering it using the details view.