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Simple Website Monitoring

Watch My Domains ISP and Domain Punch Pro allow you to do simple website monitoring. You can specify text tokens to look for in the home pages of each of your domains. If the specified text token is not found, it will be indicated in the domain display list.The software can also trigger an alert and execute a pre-assigned webpage script if the text token is not found.

Use this to automatically monitor if all your domain names are pointing to the proper web pages.

Specify The "String To Search For" For Each Domain

The string to look for in the web pages are specified in a column / field called Home Page Token. You can edit the Home Page Tokens using the detail tab (see the screenshot below). You can also "bulk add" or import the search texts (see below for instructions).

Editing Http Home Page Token String Using the Details Tab

The "Page Token Found" Column

This value will be unset (value=0) if the string specified in "Home Page Token" is not found in the domain home page HTML. By default this value is always set.

Enable the display of "Page Token Found" Column

You can enable the display of Page Token Found column by right clicking within the domain list and enabling it from the Setup Columns options.

Redirected Domains

If you are redirecting the domain home page, you can specify a string from the redirect URL as the token. Please see the screen shot above. Since the domain is being redirected to softnik.info/parked.php, the home page token is set to "softnik.info/parked.php"

Please note that the software will not be able to find the search text if it is in the final redirected web page.

Domain Alert if the Search Token is Not Found

If you have enabled domain alerts for HTTP lookups, an alert will be generated whenever the domain home page doesn't contain the specified search token. You can then optionally execute a web page script.

Adding HTTP Search Tokens in Bulk

You can select multiple domains (using Shift / Ctrl Key and mouse click) and then specify the same Home Page Tokens for all the selected domains by right clicking within the list and selecting "More Lookups > Add Http Search Tokens"

Add Http Home Page Tokens

Importing HTTP Search String Tokens From a CSV File

You can import the Home Page Tokens from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file by right clicking wihin the list and selecting "More Lookups > Import Http Search Token"

The first (header) row in the CSV file should be the following...

Domain,Home Page Token

Each row after the header should be the domain name followed by a comma and then the search text. You can wrap the search text string within quotes if it also conatins a comma.

Here is a sample CSV file.

Domain,Home Page Token
domainpunch.com,"Domain Portfolio Management"