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How To Delete Domain Names in Bulk

Requires Category Support

This will work only on applications that have domain category support. These include Domain Punch Pro, Watch My Domains Mac, Watch My Domains ISP and Watch My Domains SED.

If you have a list of domains (that you need to delete) in a text file and you wish to delete them all from your domain database within the software, you can do the following.

  • Create a temporary category called To Delete
  • Select To Delete in the left category pane so that domains from that category are displayed (empty at start).
  • Click the Add / Import button and add your domains (the deletion list). This will not really add the domains because these domains are already in your database, but this will cause these domains to be added to the To Delete category.
  • Right click within the domain table while the To Delete category is selected and click Select All to highlight the domains. Click Delete Selected in ribbon-bar to delete them.