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Database and SQL Support

Watch My Domains ISP uses a database for data storage. You can use either a Microsoft Jet Database (works straight away) or a Microsoft SQL database (access to MS SQL server required). You can select the type of database from the "New Project" dialog.

Database Support in Other Related Products

Watch My Domains SED uses MySQL or MariaDB for data storage.

Watch My Domains Mac uses SQLite for data storage. However, SQLite is not as powerful as MS SQL.

Domain Name Analyzer Pro also uses a database for storage (Only Microsoft Jet Database is supported). You can use SQL queries to display domains in Domain Name Analyzer Pro.

Advantages of Database Storage

Use of a real database allows you to store hundreds of thousands of domain names in a single project. If you need to manage more than 5000 domains we recommend Watch My Domains ISP.

The other advantage of database is the ability to control the display and lookup of domains using SQL queries. For example, it is very easy to display all domains have the word 'free' in them, use a specific name server and have not been looked within the last 120 days with a single click. Similarly you can redo the lookups on all domains that have not been looked up within the last 65 days and whose expiry date falls within the next 10 days.

Watch My Domains ISP also supports creating your own customized SQL queries for different purposes. You can create a list of different SQL queries and save them for use later.

Pre-configured, Ready to Use Queries

The SQL Lookups ribbon button is meant for configuring and selecting the SQL queries that are used for lookups. The software comes with a number of SQL queries already pre-configured.

SQL Display Settings

For more information about SQL queries please see all about SQL queries in Watch My Domains ISP.

No Need to Type in the entire SQL query

Please note that you need not enter the full SQL query. You can enter from after the "WHERE" clause...

SELECT * FROM [Domains] WHERE [Domain] LIKE '%-%'

may be entered as

[Domain] LIKE '%-%'

(This will find all domains that have a hyphen)

Updating Database Fields

If your domain database was created using an older build of the software, it may not contain all the required data fields. In such cases you can use the "Update DB" ribbon button from the "Config" tab to create the missing fields.