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High speed Domain Availability Checking

Domain Name Analyzer Professional and Domain Punch Professional supports the quick domain check facility available for AU and NL domains.

Using this feature will allow you to do high speed lookups (wherever supported) without getting banned by the registrar.

In latest versions of the software, Click the "Whois Config" ribbon button and Locate "AU" or "NL" (as required) in the list of TLDs and click on it. If you are unable to locate the country code TLD, you can add it to the list using the "Add" button after typing AU/NL into the appropriate box.

In the older DNA Pro v4, use the "Edit > Data Extraction Settings > Domain Lookup" menu (you should first click on a domain name  in the main list)

AU Domains

  • Set the whois server to whois-check.ausregistry.net.au
  • Set the search token to ~Not Available| (the ~ tells the software to mark a domain as free when the string Not Available is not found in the whois output). Please note that the | at the end is also required for this to work

NL Domains

  • Specify the whois server as whois.sidn.nl
  • Set the query prefix to to is
  • Set the search token to is free

Please note that some other registrars may also provide similar high speed lookup options. You should be able to configure the software on your own in such cases.

DNA Pro v3

To enable the same in DNA Pro v3, please do the following.

For AU Domains set the whois server to whois-check.ausregistry.net.au

For NL domains uncheck the Auto gTLD Lookup option in Lookup > Options dialog. DNA Pro v3 will use the "is " parameter when looking up domains with the Auto-gTLD turned off. Please refer to the registrar (www.sidn.nl) web pages for more information.

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