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Default EU Domain Checking

This is the normal EU domain configuration that will also extract and display available domain records for a EU domain. If you are only looking for domain availability status you may want to try the high speed DAS settings

To support the .EU domains you may need to configure the various software products available at Domain Punch. This is required  only if you are unable to lookup .EU domains properly.

Applicable to

  • Domain Name Analyzer Pro v4
  • Watch My Domains Pro v2
  • Domain Punch Pro v1.0
  • Watch My Domains ISP v2

1. Select the Edit > Top level Domain List from the menu.

2. Locate "EU" in the list of TLDs and click on it. If you are unable to locate "EU", you can add it to the list using the "Add" button after typing EU into the appropriate box.

3. Click Settings button

4. Specify the following settings

Whois Server: whois.eu
Query Prefix:
Port: 43
Search Token: Status: AVAILABLE

(The query prefix entry should be blank)

5. Now click "Whois Server Settings...", then "Advanced Setup..." and finally select "Creation Date Tokens" in the drop down list. Type in 


into the box below. Press OK.

Using DAS (Domain Availability Service) for EU Domains

EU DAS is currently supported only in Domain Name Analyzer Pro v4, Domain Punch Professional and Watch My Domains ISP Build 03-23-2006 or later. Download the current version of Domain Name Analyzer Pro if you have an older version.

1. Right click on any EU domain name in your list and select Data Extraction Setup > Domain Lookup... from the menu.

Specify the following settings

Whois Server: das.eu
Query Prefix: get 1.0 {d}
Port: 4343
Search Token: Status: AVAILABLE

2. Right click again on any EU domain name in your list and select Data Extraction Setup > Whois Server... from the menu.

Set Allowed simultaneous connections to 10 or more.
Set Minimum interval between two connections to 2 seconds.