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API Whois Script for GoDaddy Domains

Read This First!

We have added native support for some registrars (Godaddy, ResellerClub, NameCheap, Internet.Bs and Dynadot). Meanwhile CodePunch has released a web version of the script that supports Godaddy, ResellerClub, Namecheap, Domainers.De, Internet.Bs and Dynadot. This script can be used from within Domain Punch Pro and Watch My Domains ISP/Pro and may be more suitable for registrars that require white listed IP addresses.

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It is almost impossible to obtain registrar data for domains registered at GoDaddy because the important information is hidden if you do more than a few port 43 whois lookups using whois.godaddy.com.

GoDaddy does provide an API for accessing data corresponding to your own domains. So it is possible to use the API and obtain the domain information directly.

Important: This will work only for your own domains you have registered at GoDaddy.

Here is a simple PHP script to do just that. You will need to login to your GoDaddy account and obtain the access and secret keys (grab the production keys, not the test keys).

Please ensure that your keys are safe, do not share it, with anyone, ever.

Note: The GoDaddy API script requires PHP cURL installed on your server.

Download, unzip and copy the file to another name (for example, gd-api-whois.php), then open the script in any text editor. Insert your keys into the script. Please don't change the GoDaddy API URL ($gd_api_url_base), just add the two keys.

GoDaddy API Script for Whois

You can now host this script on one of your web servers / hosting accounts and then provide the URL as the http proxy in Watch My Domains or Domain Punch Pro. Please see http based whois for more details. Remember to use this script as the http proxy for only GoDaddy whois server (whois.godaddy.com)

You can use d={D} to specify the domain name. For example, if the script URL is


The corresponding http proxy entry will be


Setup the whois proxy URL

Please contact us if you have any questions.