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Preserve Old Whois Data (Whois History)

Enable Whois History

Watch My Domains SED will normally overwrite the raw whois data in the database when a new lookup is performed. However, it is possible to preserve the old data. To do this add the following to the config.php file.

$config_data['enable_data_history'] = "whois";

You can combine it with IP if you want to log the historical IP address data, for example

$config_data['enable_data_history'] = "whois,ip";

After you do this, the whois data (IP address data too if enabled) will be logged along with the time-stamp to <prefix_word>data_history table in the database. Both registrar and registry whois are saved.

Use the Details tab in the lower pane to access the old whois records.

Whois History Information in Details Pane

Clicking on the buttons will popup the raw whois text.

Whois Popup Window