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Important Technical Changes in v3

Queue Processor (runq.php)

The queue processor script (runq.php) requires authentication in Watch My Domains SED v3. This means that you should include ?key=xxxxxx to the URL whenever you invoke the runq.php script from a remote location (eg. using 'wget'). Replace xxxxxx with the CLI key obtained from the 'App Settings' panel. This is not required when you use the PHP command line mode.

You can turn the authentication requirement off from the 'App Settings' panel.

ionCube Loader is required for Queue Processor

The ionCube loader is required by the runq.php script in Standard and demo editions. Debian/Ubuntu/Windows may require that you configure a different php.ini file to load the ioncube loader in CLI. In those systems the runq.php script will not run in command line mode if ionCube is not loaded for PHP CLI. In Debian/Ubuntu, the PHP ini file for CLI is at /etc/php5/cli/php.ini. Please see the tutorial for more details. For Windows (WAMP Server), the bin/php folder will contain a php.ini used by PHP CLI.

If you have problems with this, use 'wget' to run the cronjob instead of using PHP command line.

Supports PHP 7

Watch My Domains SED v3 fully supports PHP 7.

Ready for other databases

The initial release of Watch My Domains SED will only support MariaDB / MySQL. However, we will be adding support for PostgreSQL and MS SQL soon.

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