Subdomains and DNS Information

In addition to managing domains you can also manage any corresponding sub-domains. To add sub-domains to any domain, click the 'DNS' tab in the lower pane. The 'Add' button in the footer of the sub-domain table is used to add sub-domains.

Subdomains and DNS Information

How to add subdomains

Use the add button at the footer of the subdomain table to add subdomains.

Add Subdomains

You can use full hostnames if the subdomain has no extra dots in them. For example, the following entries will work.

The above will add support as the subdomain for and domains.

If the domains are not already present in the database, they will be added. Any default subdomains you have configured will also get added.

If the subdomains contain dots (eg., you should use a comma to separate subdomains and the actual domains.,,

The above will add and as the subdomains for and respectively.

Make sure that you enter each entry as a single row. You can mix both the comma separated entries and full hostnames. See below.,,