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Domain Categories

Watch My Domains SED supports categorizing domains into groups. The category names are listed in the left panel. You can use the toolbar at the foot of the category table to add, rename and delete categories.

To add domains to a category, select the category in the left pane and then use the 'add domains' (or the 'Upload Data') option to add domains to your portfolio. This will add the domains to that category. You can use this to add even already existing domains to a category.

Domain Categories

You can also use the 'Categorize' button to add a group of domains to a category or to remove a group of domains from a category.

Categorizing Domains

Adding Domains in Bulk to a Category

You can assign the domains to a category while adding them. Just select a category in the list on the left and use the 'Add' button.

You can use this to assign a category even if the domains are already in the database. Only the new domains will be added, the rest will be simply assigned to the selected category. This will also not affect the categories these domains may already belong to.

Assign a Category while adding domains

Using a temporary Category for Bulk Actions

Please see Bulk Actions on Random Domain sets