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Auto Updating the Application (for multiple servers)

Main Server

  • Download the application from our site and package it again. Simply unzip our version and rename the root folder in the ZIP from wmdsedxx to whatever your install folder name is. Zip the contents again and save it to wmdsed-latest.zip. It will then look like

        ----    wmdsed

    Assuming you used the folder name 'wmdsed'.
  • Store the file in a password protected area (using htaccess) on your main server.
  • Manually update the application at the main server

Secondary Server Images

  • Create a shell script that uses wget to download the ZIP file from the main server. Then use unzip to over-write your existing installation folder.

    For example,
cd /user/home/yyyy
rm wmdsed-latest.zip
wget --user xxxxxxx --password 'xxxxxx' "http://<server>/wmdsed-latest.zip
unzip -o wmdsed-latest.zip
rm wmdsed-latest.zip
  • See the sample, version-check-sample.php in "lib/php/custom/". This compares the master version build index with the local version build index and triggers the shell script. Specify the path to your shell script in that PHP script and save it.
  • Create a cron entry that will run the version-check PHP script at regular intervals. Use PHP command line in your cron entry to invoke the PHP script.

From now on whenever there is a new version you only need to do the main server installation and packaging.