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Watch My Domains SED Standard Edition

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  • Linux / Windows / Mac with Web Server (Apache is recommended)
  • SSH (Secure Shell) access or Cron job management
  • PHP 5.3.x, 5.4.x, PHP 5.5.x, PHP 5.6.x or PHP 7
  • MySQL 5.x / MariaDB
  • ionCube Loader (version 4.0 or greater) installed on server.

Evaluation Ended?

Please contact us to obtain a new trial license code if you see an "evaluation ended" message and you want to extend the trial beyond thirty days.

How To Install

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Upgrades & Updates

Using an older version or build? You should upgrade or update to the latest version if you already have a prior version or prior build of the current version installed.

How To Update

How To Install

If You only Have FTP Access

Unpack the contents of the downloaded into a folder on your web server. Make sure that the folder is web-accessible. Not yet downloaded? do so now.

You should have a MySQL / MariaDB database name, a valid MySQL / MariaDB username and a password ready.

Copy or rename the file config-sample.php in the root of the base folder to config.php.

Open config.php and add the database name, user name and password. Save the configuration file.

...skip to the Run and Test the application section below.

If you have SSH Access

The fastest way to install is by using a secure shell to connect to your server and using wget to get the download pack. Use unzip to unpack the contents directly into your web site folder.

As an example, you could do something like...

cd /home/softnik/sites/

wget --content-disposition


cd wmdsed30

cp config-sample.php config.php

nano config.php

Run and Test the application

At this point you should be able to open the application interface in your browser at


You can click the "+" button to add domains.

See the trouble shooting guide if you encounter any problems.

Add the CRON Job

The application processes the lookup queue using the runq.php script. So this should be executed at periodic intervals. You can do this using a cron job.

Please see the 'ReadMe.Txt' file in the root of the base folder for sample crontab entries or see the link below.

The cron Job

To update an existing installation from an older build of the same major version (for example, v3.2.11 to 3.2.13), simply download the new ZIP file from above and install again overwriting the existing files. You can use the same procedure used for initial installation.

Did you purchase the professional edition? The download link is different for the professional edition. You can get it from here.

If you are upgrading from a previous major version please see how to upgrade