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Watch My Domains SED v4 - Try Before Purchase

very Important

This is a new major version. Do not download and install into the same folder that has any older versions (v3 or v2). Don't use the same database used by an older version, the data will get corrupt if you do. Scroll down if you want to download version 3. Version 4 requires PHP 7.1 and above (7.3 is recommended).

Download v4

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Use the button above to download Watch My Domains SED to your local hard disk. If you have shell access you can download the application directly from your terminal (please see the 'How To Install' page for instructions).

How To Install

Want us to install on your server? Please contact us.

'Getting Started' Guide

Request Dedicated Evaluation

We will provide a unique installation for you to evaluate.


  • Linux / Windows / Mac with Web Server (Apache is recommended)
  • SSH (Secure Shell) access or Cron job management
  • PHP 7.1 and Above
  • MySQL / MariaDB, SQLite v3, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL.
    The database should support UTF8MB4 in case of MySQL / MariaDB. Typically this would mean MySQL v5.5.3 & above.
    MS SQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle Database require the professional edition. All databases are supported by the evaluation version too.
  • ionCube Loader ( version 10.0) installed on server.
  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or other modern browsers.