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Web / Cloud

Cloud / Web Server Application ZIP

After downloading, the installation can be completed within 3-4 minutes.

Unzip the ZIP file to a folder on your hard disk and rename the config-sample.php file to config.php. Edit it to include your database details and other settings. Upload the entire folder to your server.

Please see the "readme.txt" file in the ZIP for more details. For additional information please see the online user guide. Please see the troubleshooting guide or contact us if you have problems with the installation.

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Evaluation Ended?

  • Please contact us to obtain a new trial license code if you see an "evaluation ended" message and you want to extend the trial beyond thirty days.

Pro Edition

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Have Shell Access?

If you have shell access, you can easily and quickly download the application using wget. Use the --content-disposition option to get the proper filename.

wget --content-disposition

If for some reason that doesn't work, use wget without the option and then rename the downloaded file to