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Creating Reports

Custom, Daily, Weekly Reports

Watch My Domains SED includes a number of sample custom report generation scripts in the lib/php/custom folder.

For example, the 'expiry-sample-report' creates a summary report of domains expiring in the next 90 days. It is also emailed to a pre-configured address. You can easily change the number of days and the report format (if you wish to)

To get daily summary reports by email, add this script to your crontab. Set it to run once daily.

You can create any number of different reports using the provided sample report scripts as templates. You only need to change the sql query as required.

You can also contact us to get any type of report created. Registered customers can get this done at no extra charge as long as the reports you want are not overly complicated.

How to setup email alerts - Click Here

Report on Demand

Watch My Domains SED also supports custom scripts. This is accessible from the 'custom' tab in the left pane. You can use it to find domains based on categories, pattern matching, custom SQL queries and more. You can also download the domain table into a CSV file.

Custom Auto Queries

Sample Custom SQL Queries

Here are some sample custom SQL queries that will work for report generation. Please note that you should not type in the entire SQL query with SELECT, FROM etc.

registry_expiry > '2016-05-01'

domain LIKE '%.org'

The first query will list all domains that have the registry expiry date after 01-May-2016. The second will list all .ORG domains.

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