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Installing Watch My Domains SED v3

System Requirements

Please make sure that your web server meets the following basic requirements

  • Linux, Windows or Mac OS X
  • SSH (Secure Shell) access or Cron job management
  • Web Server (Apache is recommended)
  • PHP 5.3.0 or above
  • PHP mb_string module
  • MySQL 5.x
  • ionCube Loader installed on server (only for demo, basic and standard editions, not required for professional edition) Basic knowledge of Linux, SSH, crontab, server installation, etc.

It is possible to automatically install Watch My Domains SED on a fresh Digital Ocean droplet.

Auto Install on Digital Ocean

Please continue below if you are not installing on Digital Ocean droplet or if you want to do it yourself anyway.

Download and Install Watch My Domains SED

You can download Watch My Domains SED from here. If you purchased the professional edition, use the download link that was provided to you at the time of purchase.

Unpack the contents of the wmdsed-xx-xx-xx.zip into a folder on your web server. Make sure that the folder is web-accessible.

Make sure that you have access to a MySQL database. You should have the database name, a valid username and a password.

If you are installing for the first time, copy or rename the file config-sample.php in the root of the base folder to config.php.

Open config.php and add the database name, user name and password. Save the configuration file.

Skip to the Run and test application section below.

Using SSH to install

The fastest way to install is by using a secure shell to connect to your server and using wget to get the download pack. Use unzip to unpack the contents directly into your web site folder.

As an example, you could do something like...

cd /home/softnik/sites/

wget --content-disposition https://domainpunch.com/sed/wmdsed30_trial.zip.php

unzip wmdsed30_trial.zip

cd wmdsed30

cp config-sample.php config.php

nano config.php

Run and Test the application

At this point you should be able to see the application interface at


You can click the "+" button to add domains.

Add a cron entry for processing the lookup queue

The application processes the lookup queue using the runq.php script. So this should be executed at periodic intervals. You can do this using a cron job.

Please see the 'ReadMe.Txt' file in the root of the base folder for sample crontab entries or see the link below.

The cron Job

Trouble shooting the installation

Use the test script to check your installation. This is located at...


Please see the trouble shooting guide for more details.