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Branding the Installation

You should normally do branding changes only after purchasing the application. However, you may make the changes if you need to fully demonstrate the application, prior to purchase, within your organization.

You may brand your installation by changing the title image that appears at the top left corner. You may also change the links pointed to by the docs / support panel.

Installation Branding

To change the title image, theme and Links

Create a new title bar gif/ png / jpg image with 300x34 dimensions. Copy it to a folder within the Watch My Domains SED installation.

Use the Interface tab in App Settings panel to specify the title image and the links to specify the link URLs.

Branding the Interface

You will need to specify the image file path relative to the installation root folder. So if you copied the image file to lib/css/img/ folder, you will have to specify the image as lib/css/img/yourfile.png.

You may also specify a full URL to the image file. For example,


Changing the Custom Display Group Buttons

Changing the Custom Display Group Buttons

To change the name and icons for the 3 custom display group buttons, open the config.php file in the root folder and add the following entries to specify the labels. You can insert this after the...

# Space for additional default options, if any.

entry in the config.h file.

$config_data['Custom Group 01 Name'] = "My Group 01";
$config_data['Custom Group 02 Name'] = "My Group 02";
$config_data['Custom Group 03 Name'] = "My Group 03";

Please see the screen-shot below.

Editing config.php for Custom Display Group Buttons

To change the icons add the corresponding PNG files to lib/css/images/16/ folder

The image files should be 16x16 pixel PNG with the label of the group in lowercase with all spaces removed. For the above examples the file names will be

mygroup01.png, mygroup02.png, and mygroup03.png

You will need to add the image files to the above folder if you label any of the buttons. Otherwise there will be broken images in the application.

You may copy the three existing default image files (custom01.png, custom02.png and custom03.png) to the new names if you don't want to create your own icons.