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Monitor Changes in A, TXT, NS and MX (DNS) Records

We have added a sample script that will allow you to receive an email alert whenever any of A, NS, MX or TXT records are found to be different from the last recorded value.

To enable this you have to...

  • Do regular Domain IP lookups. The record change check is done immediately after an IP lookup. You can do this manually or use the cron to do it automatically. Please see here
  • Copy / Rename the custom-dns-monitor-sample.php sample in the lib/php/custom folder to any name of your choice. Then open it in any text editor and add your email details and also enable the emailing (just change $doemail = false; to $doemail = true;).
  • Include the path to your version of this file at the end of config.php, For example,


DNS Record Change Monitor

Once you have done this, the records will be compared after every Domain IP lookup and alerts will be logged if there is any change.

If you have any questions please contact us.