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How to specify the lookups that should be done when domains are added

The Default Lookup Settings

When domains are added to the portfolio, Watch My Domains will automatically queue them for domain whois, and root dns check but not any of the other lookups like Alexa, MX, IP Whois, Home Page Check, etc.

You can change this from the 'Lookup Options' tab in the 'App Settings' panel.

Preferential / High Preference Lookups

The application processes lookup queue in a FIFO manner (First-In First-Out). This means that if you first queue 1000 domains for MX lookup and then queue the same domains for IP Whois, the IP Whois will happen only after all the MX Lookups are done.

Use the High Preference Lookups section (see the screen shot above) select which type of lookup should happen first.

Please note the extra entry for secondary whois lookup (registrar whois). This relates to registrar (not the registry) lookup for tlds like COM, NET, WS etc.