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Domain Lookups

The Cron Job

Watch My Domains SED depends on a cron job for doing the actual lookups. Please make sure that you have setup the cron job properly.

Avoid High Speed High Volume Lookups

Please remember that whois servers have limits on how many lookups can be done per day / per minute, etc. So avoid performing a large number of lookups at a high speed.

You can do this by lowering your cron interval for lookup queue processing or by specifying conservative whois server connection settings (recommended).

Please see whois usage restrictions

Looking up Domains

To lookup the domains, use the small checkmark button in the footer of the domain table or the 'Lookup' button in the side menubar at right.

Looking up Domains

Lookup Queue

When you initiate a domain lookup, the lookups don't start to happen immediately. Instead, the domain names are added to a lookup queue. The lookup queue is then processed by your cron setting (setup during installation).

You can use the small 'refresh' button in the footer of the domain table to refresh the display (if there are entries in the lookup queue and you think that the database has been updated at the server.)

Check the Status of Lookups

You can use the Lookup Queue tab in the lower pane to check the status of Lookup Queues.

Lookup Queue Status