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Import Data From Watch My Domains SED Version 3

Importing data from Watch My Domains SED v3 is very similar to importing data from registrars.

Enable MySQL Remote Access

Important: You need to do this only if v3 and v4 are on different servers and is not accessed as localhost.

By default remote access to MYSQL databases are disabled. This could cause a problem if your version 3 database is on a different server

Please see Enabling Remote Access to MySQL /MariaDB Database for Importing Data and make sure that the new installationcan access the older database.

Setup a Data Source in Admin Panel

In the Administration panel select 'Settings' and then open the 'Setup Registrars / Data Sources' tab.

Specify a profile name and then select SEDv3Import from under the drop down list that shows the supported data sources. Click 'Add New'.

Create a data source profile for importing data from SED v3

Select the newly added source profile and enter the following details from the old version setup.

  • Database Name
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Hostname
  • Table Prefix

The above information will be available in the config.php file at the root folder of v3 installation.

Setup the SED v3 data access details

Click 'Update' to save the information.

Now use the 'Add Domains' button in main interface and import the data from the newly created data source profile.

You can also use the SED command line tool to import the data by using the import=profilename option.