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Frequently Asked Questions: Watch My Domains SED 4

Is it a one time payment for the self hosted versions? Do I have to pay every month?

Yes, it is a one time payment for the self hosted versions. You don't have to pay a monthly fees.

You will be able to use the major version you purchased for as long as you want and you will also receive all minor updates at no extra cost.

If we release a new major version within 12 months of your purchase you will receive a free upgrade, otherwise you can continue to use the version you purchased or purchase an upgrade at a special price.

I heard Whois is going away, now what?

Yes, the traditional port 43 Whois is soon going to be replaced with the Registration Data Access Protocol, or RDAP.

Watch My Domains SED v4 already supports RDAP.

Using RDAP instead of Whois

The application is not extracting all the data even though I can see the information in raw Whois, why?

The parser can be configured to fix missing column data if the raw Whois data contains the information. Please let us know a few sample domains / TLDs with the problem and we can send you the required parser changes, or you can edit the data extraction tokens yourself.

For more about extraction tokens and parsing, please see

Data Extraction Tokens

You can also use RDAP instead of whois for TLDs that support it. Please see

RDAP Setup

Can Watch My Domains SED update records at my registrar?

Watch My Domains SED, by default, is a monitoring application. However, it is possible to use it to automatically renew domains and update DNS records at your Registrar or service provider. Your registrar or service provider should have a functioning and documented API for this to work. Many popular providers like GoDaddy, ResellerClub, NameCheap, NameSilo, Dynadot, DNSMadeEasy already provide APIs and are supported.

For obvious security reasons this option is not enabled or provided by default. This can be enabled based on discussions and request after purchase.