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Tool Box

Renew & Register Domains

The toolbox module in Watch My Domains SED is useful for renewing and registering domains at supported registrars.

Only Administrators can use the toolbox. Currently only Namecheap is supported and you will require API access at Namecheap.

You can access the toolbox from the administration or dashboard modules or from the top toolbar in the domain table interface (screen-shot below).

Toolbox Button for Renewing and Registering Domains

Selecting Registrar

To get started with the toolbox, select a registrar profile from the drop-down list at the top. This list will be populated only if you have created a registrar / data source profile for a supported registrar.

Selecting Registrar

Renewing Domains

You will now see a list of all the domains registered at this registrar. Click on a domain if you need to renew it or change it's name servers.

Renew Domain

Confirm Renewal

Registering New Domains

Use the 'Check Domains' box to check domains for availability. Please see the screen shots below.

Register New Domains

Confirm New Registration

New Registration Confirmation