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Authentication in Watch My Domains SED

You have to specify a user who can setup the application at the time of installation by editing the 'config.php' file.

Setup Administrator

Basic Apache Password Protection

You can add an extra layer of password protection to your installation using the basic Apache htaccess authentication.

Creating Users

Use the 'User Administration' panel to create ad manage users. Type in a new username into the 'User Email/login' box to create a new user. It is better to use email address as the user name for easier coordination with third party authentication services.

Create Users

How to reset passwords (normal users)

Login as an administrator and reset the password for the account.

If you don't remember any administrator paswords

Open 'config.php' file in the root folder of your installation and lookup the setup administrator credentials or add new ones if this has been disabled. You can then login using the new credentials and reset other passwords from the interface. Then come back to the config.php file and remove the manually added setup administrator credentials.

More security options

You can also lockout the user on multiple incorrect login attempts. Simply specify a maximum login attempt count and the time (in minutes) to block in the 'Security' tab of 'administration' module.

Authentication settings

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SAML / SSO Settings

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)