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Whois Data Extraction Tokens

Accurately obtain data from raw whois text

Watch My Domains SED uses a highly customizable scheme for obtaining various data from whois records. This is done through what we call string tokens that identify key data elements.

In most cases a manual configuration or customization is not required. However, you may need to do a manual configuration in some rare cases.

The following section describes the configuration of extraction tokens for the IT ccTLD. You can use the same procedure for other TLDs.

Whois Setup Screen

Click the Whois Setup button in the top toolbar. This will open the Whois Configuration panel.

You can use the whois setup panel to add support for new TLDs and ccTLDs. You can also edit the settings for any specific whois server.

Whois Setup

Changing Data Extraction Settings

Please make changes to extraction tokens only if the default settings don't work. Double check to ensure that any extraction tokens you add are correct, otherwise the the data will not be retrieved into the domain columns.

Type in a TLD to retrieve it's current settings, and then click the 'Extraction' tab. Please see the screen-shot below.

Whois Extraction Token Setup

Enter (or copy and paste)the extraction codes into the Extraction Tokens box and then click the Submit Changes button.

For example, for IT domains, you could add...


To learn more about extraction tables please see the link below.

Customizing WHOIS Extraction Table

Parsing the domains after a Configuration Change.

If you make whois configuration changes, you will need to parse the whois data again. You also need to do this only for the specific domains. Assume that you made some data extraction changes for the IT TLD. You can bring up a list of only IT domains by typing in


into the search filter box for domain column. Once all the it domains are displayed, select them all by checking the selection box at the top. Now parse all the selected domains using the Parse Domain Whois button at the footer of the domain table.

Parse Domain Whois

Global Extraction Tokens

Global extraction tokens are applied to all whois server outputs. This is useful when you want to extract data for your custom columns from the whois output.

To set the global extraction tokens, type in '*' (without the quotes) into the whois server box and press enter. Then specify the extraction tokens and click 'Submit Chnages'.

Global Extraction Tokens