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Configure Registrar / Data Provider APIs

Do this only if you have the required API keys

You can add your domain names to the application manually by simply copying and pasting a list or by importing from a text or CSV file. In some cases you can also import your domain names directly from your registrar.

Configure this only if your registrar is supported and you have the required API keys.

Create a New Profile

You should always create a new profile based on your registrar data provider. This makes it easy to import data from different accounts at same registrar or data provider.

Create registrar / data provide profiles

Edit the profile

After a profile is created, you can edit it by clicking on it in the list. Specify the required parameters and click 'Update'.

Registrar / data provide API keys

You should obtain the required configuration data for each registrar / data provider from your account at the corresponding provider. As an example, for GoDaddy you require an API key and an API Secret that you can get from the API key management page at GoDaddy.

Edit registrar / data provide profile

Wait for the 'OK' message to ensure that your changes have been recorded.

Update registrar / data provide profile