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Whois Configuration

Automatic Whois Setup

The new versions of Watch My Domains SED (v2.4.20 +) will automatically perform the basic whois configuration when you add and lookup a domain with TLD that has not yet been setup. You can then use the manual configuration to fine-tune the settings if required.

Manual Whois Setup

The 'config' button in the top toolbar takes you to the 'Whois Configuarion' screen (see below). To return to the main screen, click the 'domain portfolio' button in the top toolbar.

Whois Configuration

You can use the whois setup screen to add support for new TLDs and ccTLDs. You can also edit the settings for any specific whois server.

Changing the Whois Server for a TLD

Use the Edit button at the foot of the TLD table to change the whois server for any TLD.

Change Whois Server for any TLD

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