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Public Suffix List

The public suffix list is used by Watch My Domains to properly identify the effective / registered domain name.

Public Suffix List

The Public Suffix List (a Mozilla initiative), also known as effective top-level domains (eTLDs), is a catalog of all domains under which Internet users can (or historically could) directly register names. Watch My Domains SED uses the list to properly parse URLs and domain names.

There are third party second level domain name registrations that are excluded from the public suffix list. Some examples of these are uk.com, bd.com, etc. In such cases the application will parse these entries differently and you will not be able to actually add your domains. In such cases you can force add the domains by wrapping them in square brackets ([]). For example,


Another solution is manually adding these second level domains to the public suffix list. After you add these second level domains your entries will be parsed as you want them to be. You can also verify the parser by typing in your test entries under the 'Test Domain Parser' box.