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Schedule Domain/ DNS / SSL Lookups

You can schedule any and all lookups using the Schedule Lookups panel. The default settings are normally sufficient in most cases.

Please be careful when making changes to the Lookup Scheduler, wrong settings here could cause monitoring to fail.

You can use the Reset To Defaults option if any of your changes are in error.

Example DNS Lookup Schedule

Example DNS Lookup Schedule for Hourly Lookups

Filter Queries

It is possible to create custom lookup schedules by providing additional filter entries. For example, the following filter is used for 'SSL for Newly Added Subdomains'.

s.auto_added=0 AND s.added_on > d.ssl_checked_at AND d.ssl_checked_at IS NOT NULL

Please refer to Filter Queries for Lookup Scheduler and Reports for more information on filters.

The "Always" Option

Some times there is a requirement to immediately do lookups on a set of domains that satisfy a certain criteria. These non periodic lookups are configured using the 'Always' option under the lookup frequency setting.

For example, the 'Extended DNS for Newly Added Subdomains' checks to see if there are any subdomains that have never been looked up. If any are found the domain is immediately added to the extended DNS lookup queue.

Any 'Always on' scheduler without a 'query' entry will be ignored. You should be very careful with this option because an incorrect scheduler with an 'Always' option will cause monitoring to completely fail.

Always On Schedule Setting