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Adding support for IL domains to Watch My Domains for Mac OS X

Watch My Domains for Mac may not support IL domains by default. However, you can easily configure it for IL domains.

Go to "Menu > Watch My Domains > Preferences > TLDs/ccTLDs" tab

Click Add New TLD and add il and set the whois server to


Please see the screen-shot below.

IL TLD and Whois Server

Go to Whois Servers tab and click Add New Server after entering whois.isoc.org.il

Set it's date format to ddmm and port to 43. Also, set the connection settings as in the screen-shot below.

IL Whois Server Settings

Go to Parse Table tab and select whois.isoc.org.il. Set it's parse table to

validity:=>Expiry Date
registrar name:=>Registrar

IL Whois Parse Table Settings

Close the Preferences panel and redo the lookups for IL domains.