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Handling the Word Dictionaries

The Word Splitting Depends Entirely on the Dictionaries

Domain Name Filter can break domain names into component words. The accuracy of the word splitting depends completely on the dictionary words you use. The software comes with a basic default set of dictionary words. It is also completely configurable.

You can select from a list of 6 default dictionaries and then add even more additional dictionaries. You can also use the "Quick Dictionary Editor" to specify a set of words that will be added at runtime to the dictionary or removed from the dictionary.

An important Note about Domains with Hyphens

A Domain containing hyphens is always split exactly as it is. For example, 1-koelner-pfeifen.club will be split into 1 koelner pfeifen and accepted even though both words koelner and pfeifen are not in the default English dictionary.

The default built-in Dictionaries

Domain Name Filter Pro ships with 6 default dictionaries.

  • Basic US English Words
  • Important technical words
  • Country Names, Capitals and Important Cities of the World
  • Common First and Last Names
  • A set of common acronyms
  • A list of well known brand names

  • Setting up Dictionaries