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Version History For Domain Name Filter Professional

Domain Name Filter Professional was first released in January 2015. The current Major Version is v3.

If you own a version 2 license, you can obtain a free or paid upgrade to v3 based on your original purchase date. Please use the upgrade page to check if you are eligible for a free upgrade.

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Build Date June-28-2022 (Current)

  • Minor interface changes and fixes

Build Date February-14-2021

  • Added support for creating misspelled domain names

Build Date October-11-2020

  • Fixed an issue that affected some droplist downloads

Build Date January-14-2020

  • Minor interface changes and fixes
  • Updated the code-signing certificate
  • Added support for deleted list from DnPedia

Build Date March-10-2019

  • Added a 'batch run' option to run multiple filters on same input data.

Build Date June-22-2018

  • Added support for lists from Hexonet

Build Date May-15-2018

  • New major version 3 released on 14-May-2018.
  • Vastly improved user interface.
  • Support for filtering based on include and exclude word lists. Previously you had to run the filter twice.
  • You can now now save your filter settings to filter sets and then select the one you want to run.
  • A minor update was released on May 15.

Build Date February-08-2018

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  • Added an option to export the original rows from the input file that correspond to the filtered domain list. Please see Exporting Data.
  • Improved domain name extraction from input files containing multiple columns.

Build Date July-01-2017

  • Added an option to extract only the domain names that matched (or not matched) a list. Use the "Exact Match" check box in the "Filter Dialog box" to use this

Build Date May-07-2017

  • Added Namejet Auction and Pre-Release Domains to One-Click Download List.
  • Minor fixes

Build Date February-26-2017

  • Improved in Visual Interface
  • Minor fixes

Build Date April-19-2016

  • The word filtering option expects single words. If you enter words with spaces the filter will not work properly. The application was updated to automatically remove spaces from the words used for filtering.

Build Date April-8-2016

  • You can now download the zone deleted domain names from domainpunch.com (use the 'Import Entries' button).

Build Date November-30-2015

  • You can now directly import drop lists from FTP sites (eg. GoDaddy)
  • Added support for Godaddy XML files
  • Added support for importing from local ZIP files (you needn't unzip before importing)
  • You can now specify the domain name length with or without the TLD part when filtering based on length.

Build Date October-01-2015

  • You can now import domain zone files of new gTLDs directly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented importing domain names with leading spaces (spaces will be removed on import)
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Added an option to filter only International Domain Names (IDN) or non IDNs etc.
  • You can now enter large world lists into the filter box.
  • Minor improvements

Build Date January-22-2015

  • Added an option to remove duplicates. Right click within the list for accessing this from the context menu.
  • While importing domain names, the software will automatically strip trailing dots (example: abcd.com. to abcd.com)

Build Date January-18-2015

  • Initial Release