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Docker Test Container For Watch My Domains SED

CodePunch Solutions have published a set of simple docker files that will allow you to quickly spin up a test container for Watch My Domains SED on Mac OS X or Windows desktop.

This requires a working installation of Docker Desktop in your system. You should then clone or download the docker files from github to get started.

Get Docker Desktop    Download Required Docker Files   or   Clone From GitHub

Clone the project into a convenient folder (or download the ZIP from github and unzip into a folder) and then edit docker-compose.yml to change the MySQL root and user passwords. You may also change the port from 8000 to whatever you want to use.

Edit wmdsed4/config.php to change the MySQL user password to the same one you setup in the YML file. While there, change the setup user name and password ($db_config_setup_name, $db_config_setup_password) too.

Open a terminal (in Mac) or Windows command-line and change to the docker-wmdsed4 directory. Now run

docker-compose build

followed by

docker-compose up -d

Wait for the containers to spin up and then open http://localhost:8000 in your browser. There will be a short delay before the Watch My Domains application starts up for the first time. Use the setup username and password you specified in the config.php file to login.

Docker Test Container for Watch My Domains SED v4


This is purely for a quick test of Watch My Domains SED, don’t use in a production environment unless:

  • Physical or remote access to your system is restricted AND You really know what you are doing.
  • The application will be run without SSL. You can modify the docker file (wmdsed4/Dockerfile) to include SSL support and access the application over SSL.
  • The database files are stored in a host folder (wmdsed4/mysql), so you can safely stop the containers without losing data.

This doesn’t include any of the application files. The evaluation version of Watch My Domains SED is downloaded automatically from when you build the container.