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Whois Client Software for Doing Whois Lookups

Simple Whois Clients

Whois clients connect to a whois server and retrieve information.

Most of the time you just need a simple whois client to lookup domains or IP addresses. Whois View is the ideal solution if you are using the Windows platform.

Advanced Whois Clients

There are times when your whois client software requires more features and options.

The advanced features include ability to query multiple whois servers simultaneously, perform high speed lookups, provide processing of the whois output records, ability to store the results in a database, caching the results to prevent unnecessary lookups, etc.

Here are the various whois based software tools published by Softnik Technologies

Domain Name Analyzer

Domain Name Analyzer is a free Windows software for finding that perfect domain name for your business or product.

Domain Name Analyzer Professional

Domain Name Analyzer Professional is an advanced version of Domain Name Analyzer with more features and functionality... an absolutely essential tool for the Power User!

Wish to sort domain names by their expiry dates? Want to check all 5 character domain names that start with 'a' and end in 'web'? How about all 4 character names? Are you worried about illegal changes to your domain name records? Want to automatically monitor domain names every day? Check out Domain Name Analyzer Professional

Watch My Domains Professional

Watch My Domains is a Windows and Mac OS X software for managing and watching over your domains. Given a large list of domain names it will retrieve and extract important information like creation and expiry dates, administrative contacts, registrant names, etc and present them in a neat table.

Watch My Domains ISP

Watch My Domains / ISP is a Windows software for managing huge lists of global top level (com/net/org) domains and is mainly meant for ISPs and hosting companies that manage the domains of their customers.

WMD/ISP uses a Microsoft Access database to hold the records. you can open it using Microsoft Access (Microsoft Access is not required for using WMD ISP).

You can also develop your own modules in Microsoft Access and further enhance the product capabilities.