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Research and Find Available Domain Names

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Domain Name Analyzer

Domain Name Analyzer is an award winning and free Windows software for finding the best domain name for your product or business.

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Domain Name Filter Pro

New! Use Domain Name Filter Pro to download domain drop-lists, filter and spilt domain names into component words and more...

Research and Find Good, Available Domain Names

Domain Name Analyzer combines ease of use with powerful features. You can download & use the software for personal or commercial purposes. A credit card or email address is not required for downloading the software.

You can import domain auction lists from Bido.Com. Simply click a button and have all the domains in the upcoming Bido.com auction in your database within seconds. You can also import domains from other Bido lists like "sold domains", "pre-bid domains", etc.

Domain Name Analyzer becomes even more powerful when combined with the free Domain Name Filter. Use Domain Name Filter to pick the right domain names from huge third-party domain drop and auction lists. Then import these into Domain Name Analyzer.

Save Time When Brainstorming Domain Names

If you are trying to find a domain name that is not yet registered, Domain Name Analyzer will help you find a suitable name very fast.

You can add a large number of domain names and have the software check them all with a single click.

You can generate domain names from a list of words and then have the software check them all

You can generate domain names from multiple keywords and then check them all

Domain Name Analyzer supports all generic top level domains (com, net, org, biz, info, etc.) and any country code domain.

Minimize Whois Lookups

By default, the software minimizes whois lookups by checking if the domain resolves to a valid IP address and performs a whois lookup only if required. You can turn this feature off in the 'Application Settings'.

Manage your domain names from a single point

Domain Name Analyzer v6 uses a Microsoft Jet Database backend to store your domain names.

Add the names into Domain Name Analyzer and then do a lookup. You will have the complete records for each of your domains in a few minutes.

You can find and list domain names from your database using simple text search. You can find and list domains that start with a specific word or find all domain names that start or end with a specific word and so on.

Domain Name Analyzer supports direct printing from within the software. It also allows you to export the data to a CSV file or a spreadsheet.

Please consider one of our advanced domain name management software products if you are managing your business or corporate domain names.