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domain report csvdata

domain, report

Download or schedule a full CSV data report based on a number of specified parameters.

Parameter Notes
c download
t report or domain
mt Set mt=1 if the report contains data from both domain and subdomain tables. This should be set to 1 if t=report
type If set to csv, the report is output as application/csv.
colmode One of all or domain not specified. If set to domain only the domain names will be in the report and if set to all all the columns will be included. If this parameter is specified, the column contents are ignored.
columns List of columns to get (comma separated). Required only if the colmode parameter is empty.
cid Set this to a valid category id to obtain data form domains that belong to that category alone.
id Comma separated list of domain ids (sid). If the ids are specified, the report will contain only these domains.
sidx The column name to sort on.
sord asc or desc
query Optional SQL query to create the report.
params Query parameters
csv_sep The delimiter, one of comma (,), semicolon (;) or tab (t).
_repname The name of the report to get.
filename The filename to use for download
bgproc Set to 1 if the download should be scheduled.


Download or delete a previously created report.

Parameter Notes
c download
t csvdata
oper get or delete
id The id of the report to get or delete. If an id is not specified and oper is set to get, a list of all available reports that were scheduled earlier will be returned.