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Add Domains / Sub-domains

Use the add command to add or import domains and sub-domains. This will work only if the authenticated user has add privileges.

Parameter Notes
t domain. Currently the add command is available only for domains.
oper Set this to csv for importing data from a CSV file. To directly import domains or sub-domains don't specify or set it to an empty string. If csv is specified the POST methods upload array should contain the relevant details under csv_file.
data The data to import. This should have one entry per row with each row separated by a linefeed.
regapi A comma separated list of pre-configured registrar API profiles to import data from. The registrar API profiles are used only if the data parameter is empty or not specified.
cid The id of the default category to which all the new domains should be added. Do not specify cid or set it to 0 if you don't want the domains to be added to any category. The domains will be categorized even if the domains are already in the table, so you may use the add command to categorize existing domains.
emptycat If set to yes, 1 or true, the category specified in cid will be emptied before adding new rows to domain table.
bgproc If set to yes, 1 or true, the domains will be added in the background over the next several minutes / hours. Use this if your list is large or the registrar profile you are importing data from requires longer time.


The following will add the domains abcd.com and 1234.co.uk to the category identified by ID 5 and add the sub-domain www to abcd.com.


The following will add the domain mydomain.com, if it is not alreay present, and then add the sub-domain support to mydomain.com.


Import domains in the background from the pre-configured registrar profile identified by the name GoDaddy and add the domains to the category identified by ID 5.