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Version History For Domain Name Analyzer Professional

The first version of Domain Name Analyzer Professional was released 20 years ago.

Version 6 - January-14-2020 (Current)

  • Minor interface changes and fixes
  • Updated the code-signing certificate

Version 6 - June-02-2019

  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Version 6 - July-31-2017

This is an important update, please see below.

  • The registrar whois server token in COM and NET registry whois has changed. This requires a manual configuration change in all our domain name management software products (please see here). This update removes the need for manual configuration change.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 6 - April-10-2017

  • Added options to control how domain names are created from keywords. You can now optionally suppress the creation of single or double keyword domain names.
  • Added an option to use unique consonants when creating domain names from character templates. Use this to create pronounceable domain names by alternating vowels with consonants (use a pattern like !^!^!)

    Version 6 - March-21-2017

  • Fixed an issue with ORG domain expiry dates. This problem occurred because the .ORG registry blanked the 'Registrar Registration Expiration Date:' row which in turn caused the software to ignore the data obtained from the actual expiry date row. This can be fixed manually by entering 'Registry Expiry Date:' as the expiry date token for .ORG domains. This update makes it work without this manual fix.
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 6 - July-29-2016

  • You could add only about 800-1000 entries to auto-append list of TLDs (for generating domain names from words). This limit has been removed.
  • Changed the default whois servers for PRO and SG domains
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

    Version 6 - February-08-2016

  • Fixed a problem with importing domain names from Bido.com
  • Minor fixes and improvements

    Version 6 - November-19-2015

  • Improved speed when importing / adding domain names

    Version 6 - November-16-2015

  • Added support for using vowels and consonants when creating domain names based on character templates
  • Minor fixes and improvements

    Version 6 - January-27-2015

  • Fixed an issue with some whois servers when domain names are entered in all uppercase.
  • Improved speed when importing domain names from large files
  • Fixed an issue with importing domain names from Bido
  • Some domain status columns displayed the ICANN url along with the status. This was cleaned up.

    Version 6 - December-30-2014

  • Minor interface improvements
  • There was a bug that prevented the keyword based domain name generator from removing spaces in some cases. This was fixed.

    Version 6 - October-28-2014

  • Improved auto detection of whois servers
  • Improved data extraction option for Nominet DAC outputs. Use CSV[1], CSV[5] etc to extract an indexed entry from the DAC comma separated output.

    Version 6 - September-26-2014

  • Added better support for Nominet DAC. You can now select a group of domains, right click and select DAC Lookup (UK Domains) from the menu. Please make sure that your IP is registered with Nominet for this to work.

    Version 6 - July-16-2014

  • The software will now automatically do whois setup for new global TLDs. You no longer have to do manual configurations or wait for a software update.

    Version 6 - Feb-28-2014

  • Added default support for many new TLDs (guru, camera, etc.) from Donuts Inc. Previously this required a manual configuration change.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.


  • Cleanup tokens modified for whois.godaddy.com. This fixes the recent issue that affected domains registered at GoDaddy. Please see this blog post for details.
  • Minor bug fix that prevented manual entry of a blank cleanup token.


  • Operational improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and interface changes
  • Improved domain name filters


  • Important changes. Please read below!
  • Important: New database fields / columns added. Please update your existing database projects (click the "Config Tab >> Update Db" ribbon button after opening your project). This will add the new fields to the database. You need to do this once for each of your existing projects.
  • Added support for attaching notes. You can attach four different notes to each domain.
  • Added support for custom SQL queries to display domains.
  • To add / edit the SQL display queries in the left pane, select "View tab >> Custom SQL" button. For more details, please see database support notes.
  • To import notes from a CSV file, create a text file with contents similar to the following.
apple.com,"The new iMac","Retina Display",iPad
microsoft.com,"Windows 8","Surface Tablet","Windows 7"
  • Right click on a domain (or a group of selected domains) and select "Extra Columns >> Import Domain Notes" and specify the CSV file name.

    The first row should contain the column headings and the first column should be the domain name. Any entry that has spaces should be within quotes.


  • Added default support for XXX domains. Previously this required manual configuration.
  • Changed the application icon and improved visual elements.


  • Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed the occassional long wait that happens when downloading Bido Auction Lists


  • New major version release!
  • Free upgrade to v6 if you have purchased v5
  • Domain Name Analyzer pro now uses a real database back-end.
  • More display options, ability to download auction lists and more!.


  • Added a 'Delete All Available Domains' option to context (right-click) menu.
  • Added native support for RU domains (previously required manual configuration)
  • Support for extended whois configuration. Please note that Domain Name Analyzer Pro will extract only supported and relevant data even though the extended whois setup has many options.


  • Added display of last updated date, name servers, whois server and registrar.
  • Context menu (mouse right click) now has options to copy "only" domain names, available domain names, etc.


  • New major version release.
  • Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)
  • Fully recoded interface and domain availability checks
  • .. and more.


  • Added support for MOBI domains
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor rebuild. No need to update if you have the build dated 03/26/2006. Please see the kb article for EU DAS details.


  • Support for high speed EU DAS (Domain Availability Service) lookups for EU domains. Please see the kb article for details.


  • Added support for EU domains
  • Added option to minimize to system tray on startup (under the File menu)
  • Added toolbar button for minimizing to system tray.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Nominet changed the whois formats on Dec 13 2005 and this required some manual configuration changes. Download this version if you don't wish to make the configuration changes on your own. If you are installing over an existing copy, right click on any .UK domain name in the list (after installing the new version and opening any of your existing data files) and select Data Extraction Setup > Reset To Default. Press yes when you are prompted for confirmation.


  • Country code domains like co.uk, com.au, etc. needed to be manually configured immediately after installation. This has been fixed. Download only if you have problems looking up these domains or you haven't already configured the settings manually.

    Previous Update

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fix due to recent .DE whois server output format change.
  • A pop-up whois tool for quick domain name lookup (or for diagnostics).