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Domain Name Generators

Generating Domain Names From Keywords

These type of domain name generators work by combining two or more keywords and then appending a TLD or ccTLD to it. Examples include goodkeywords.com, newyorkhotels.com, etc.

Typically you pick your main keyword and then combine it with various nouns, verbs, and/ or adjectives to create domain names. You can also localize your domain names by merging the name of the locality with the main keywords (as in hawaiivacationpackage.com)

Below is the screen-shot of the domain name generator in Domain Punch Pro. It allows you to manually type in or import keywords into three different lists. You can also optionally insert a hyphen between the words.

Keyword based domain name generator in Domain Punch pro

Domain Names from Alpha-Numeric Templates

Sometimes you will want to generate domain names from alpha-numeric templates. For example, domains like 000domains.com or all 3 letter ORG domains etc.

Here is a screen-shot of the alpha-numeric domain name generator in Watch My Domains for Mac (and also the free Domain Name Analyzer for Mac). You can create patterns from numbers, alphabets (including vowels and consonants).

Alpha-numeric domain name generator in Watch My Domains for Mac OS X

As an example, assume you want a list of all possible 9 character .link domains that end with the word expert. Just type in a template like &&&expert, select .link in the list of TLDs and click "Add Domains".

Domain Names from Pronounceable Words

Another method of creating domain names is by appending a TLD to a pronounceable word. This is useful only if you are looking to coin your own word and then brand it as a company or product name.

A number of pronounceable word generators exist online. You can also generate these manually by combining vowels and conosonents (alternate between them).

Here is an example...

start with...

a e i o u

Now insert random consonants in between...

a c e t i r o k u

And you end up with...


It may not mean anything, but it is certainly pronounceable!